Procedure: CIT, C2G
Total grafts: 740
Sessions: 1
Norwood scale: 3V

This class 3 vertex patient has medium caliber, dark brown hair with well above average donor density. Dr. Cole's treatment plan for this patient was to transfer 740 CIT/C2G grafts into the vertex. C2G is a CIT (non-strip) preparation method where advanced technology allows our surgical team to harvest over 1500 grafts in an 8-hour day, without exposing any scalp. This method gives our patients the option to leave our clinic without any trace of extraction/harvesting in the donor area. The goal of this patient was to improve the overall appearance and density in the vertex that once existed. Subsequent to the CIT procedure, the patient received a small session of micro/mini grafts. The pre-existing mini grafts may require redistribution to eliminate the grafted appearance.

In 14 months post-op, the growth is ideal without this patient ever having to expose any scalp in the donor area or recipient area. We are excited for this patient and another successfully treated case.

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740 CIT into vertex - class 3V patient at 14 months post-op

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