Procedure: CIT
Total grafts: 1800
Sessions: 1
Norwood scale: 3V

This Norwood 3V patient pursued our clinic in hopes of increasing density in the frontal scalp and reinforcing the top. Dr. Cole transplanted approximately 1800 CIT grafts to reconstruct the hairline and add coverage to the temple recessions.
Below are images of the patient's current progress as the growth from the procedure has fully matured. We are proud to present yet another successfully treated patient who is truly satisfied with the outcome of the case.

Icon Up Images
Phoca Thumb M Comparison Front
Phoca Thumb M After 2400 Grafts Placement
after 2400 grafts placement
Phoca Thumb M Before And After 2400 Cit Comparison
before and after 2400 cit comparison
Phoca Thumb M Front Comparison
front comparison

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