Procedure: CIT + Repair
Total grafts: 3950
Sessions: 1
Norwood scale: 5

This patient received 3950 CIT grafts in December of 2003 with Dr. Cole. Prior to this treatment, he had undergone antiquated hair surgeries that resulted in massive open donor scarring and rows of mis-angled, tufty grafts. To compound the problem, this individual experienced additional hair loss, further exposing the plugs and scars. The objective of the CIT session was to create coverage over the front, top, and crown area. Additionally, the hyper-dense plug grafts on the hairline were de-bulked with CIT, and the resulting follicular units were redistributed. This is yet another case that illustrates the effectiveness of CIT in harvesting large numbers of grafts. We were happy to greet the patient, as his slam-dunk transformation was undeniable.

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CIT results from 3950 with excellent coverage/Dr. Cole

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Phoca Thumb M Comparison
Phoca Thumb M Before And After Comparison
Phoca Thumb M Close Up Hairline
Phoca Thumb M Full Face View
Phoca Thumb M Left Side
Phoca Thumb M Right Side
Phoca Thumb M After Front
Phoca Thumb M Another View
Phoca Thumb M Before And After Placement 2
Phoca Thumb M Before The Surgery And After Placement
Phoca Thumb M Donor Before With Shotgun Round Spots From Previous Ht And After Fit
donor with shotgun round spots from previous HT an...

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