Procedure: CIT (Mixed)
Total grafts: 2654
Sessions: 1
Norwood scale: 3V

This patient presented to Dr. Cole unhappy with an unnatural pluggy-looking strip transplant he had undergone elsewhere. This patient’s goals were to restore his natural frontal hairline, adding additional density to the front and to fill in his strip scar. This patient’s hair is straight and of medium-fine thickness. A thicker hair caliber can go a long way in providing coverage and the appearance of density. Unfortunately, straight hair generally does not provide as much coverage as curlier hair, and the contrast between this patient’s fair skin and darker hair presented certain challenges in achieving the best results possible. However, Dr. Cole is able to work with the most positive resources each patient does have to ensure the best possible outcome every time.

This patient underwent a two-day shaven-CIT procedure. Dr. Cole transplanted 2,588 grafts and subsequently removed 25 pluggy grafts, redistributing them for a more natural look. We’re happy to report that this patient was so pleased with his results that he graciously allowed us to use his photos on our website to share with other prospective patients.

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Icon Up Images
Phoca Thumb M P
Phoca Thumb M A
Before full face
Phoca Thumb M B
Before top
Phoca Thumb M C
Before front dry
Phoca Thumb M D
Before front dry 2
Phoca Thumb M E
Before right side dry
Phoca Thumb M F
Before right side dry 2
Phoca Thumb M G
Before front wet
Phoca Thumb M H
Before left side wet
Phoca Thumb M I
Before left side wet 2
Phoca Thumb M J
Before right side wet
Phoca Thumb M After A
Phoca Thumb M After B
Phoca Thumb M After C
Phoca Thumb M After D
Phoca Thumb M After E

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