Procedure: Cole FUE
Total grafts: 2373
Sessions: 1
Norwood scale: 4A
This patient has undergone two non-shaven FUE hair transplants with Dr. Cole. His first procedure was performed a few years ago on 3/01/2011. At that time, 2373 grafts were transplanted, and ACell was administered. On 10/09/2015, his second hair transplant was performed. The patient had an additional 2122 grafts transplanted to provide improved thickness to his frontal hairline. The patient chose to have PRP injections administered during his second procedure to further boost hair growth. The after pictures shown here reflect the patient’s results following his first procedure only. We will continue to update his results photos with the most recent progress once the newer grafts have had time to grow and fully showcase the additional coverage.
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Phoca Thumb M Patient Bba Before After Front
Phoca Thumb M Patient Bba Before After Left Wet
Phoca Thumb M Patient Bba Before After Right Wet
Phoca Thumb M Patient Bba Before After Top

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