Procedure: Eye Brow
Total grafts:240
Sessions: 1
Norwood scale: n/a

Attached are pre, post, and follow-up photos of an eyebrow reconstruction performed at our Atlanta Clinic in 04'.The patient's goals were to thicken the eyebrows and restore density. Eyebrows are made up of courser and finer hairs to achieve a soft, feathered effect. To meet these specifications, we used variations of scalp and body hair for the best cosmetic outcome. 240 CIT grafts were placed to the outer thirds of the left and right eyebrows to treat this patient. In less than one year, the patient reported seeing results, which is not uncommon, as not all hair grows at the same rate. This patient is progressing extremely well, and the results are impressive after 24 months.

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Eyebrow reconstruction via CIT - Results

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Phoca Thumb M Comparison
Phoca Thumb M Eyebrow
Phoca Thumb M Eyebrow  1
Phoca Thumb M Eyebrow  2
Phoca Thumb M Progress Comparison

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