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Why should you consider hair transplant surgery? You want to achieve the self-confidence that comes from looking your best. You can achieve this by presenting the best possible image of yourself. When you feel confident, this will be evident in everything you do from your personal relationships, to your job, to everyday social situations. Ultimately, you will feel better when you know you look your best. With the confidence that hair restoration can bring, you will begin to accomplish the goals you have set and succeed in every phase of life.

The patients in this hair transplant photo gallery exude confidence, which they have gained from receiving the finest hair restoration surgery results


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Our Patients Say...

Cole Hair Transplant
Cole Hair Transplant5/5 based on166 ratings.
Luckoftheirish in the NY seminar

Dr. Cole and Forhair,

It was truly a pleasure to get to speak with you gentleman with weekend. The seminar was very interesting to me and certainly worth the bus ride from Boston.

Over the past couple of months I have been getting increasingly upset and depressed about my hairloss. Seeking help from HT \"doctors\" made it a lot worse because they all said I had average hair and that I should get surgery. Some things that Dr. Leonard said to me were particularly upsetting (he even discouraged me from shaving my head. What a jerk, I'm 24.). I suppose I knew that I was being lied to but when a person is worried about hair they tend to internalized these types of comments. My buttons were being pushed and it did mentally hurt me for sure.

My point is I feel a lot better about my situation after speaking with both of you. I truly do. I think I like doctors who employ densometers and logic in consultation - instead of just salesman and boobery. Thank you for respecting my intelligence and being honest and concerned etc (man, you guys are funny too). At last, I feel as though my hair is a manageable problem. When it becomes unmanageable I believe I know who to call. I'll be saving my paper route money until that day (and harassing Pat Hennessy).

Forhair, your hair looks very good and undetectable.

Dr Cole, you are like a cat, nobody knows where you've have been.

Thanks you for your help guys, I feel a lot better.


Rating: 5star

5 out of5

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