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Why should you consider hair transplant surgery? You want to achieve the self-confidence that comes from looking your best. You can achieve this by presenting the best possible image of yourself. When you feel confident, this will be evident in everything you do from your personal relationships, to your job, to everyday social situations. Ultimately, you will feel better when you know you look your best. With the confidence that hair restoration can bring, you will begin to accomplish the goals you have set and succeed in every phase of life.

The patients in this hair transplant photo gallery exude confidence, which they have gained from receiving the finest hair restoration surgery results


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Dear Dr. Cole, As one of your returning patients, I wish to share my experience with your non-strip procedure. It offers a testament to the advances that you have made over the years. About five years ago, I underwent a strip procedure that included about one thousand grafts. The most invasive part of the procedure was the strip taken to harvest the grafts. The procedure was easy for me. Most important is that I was delighted with the results. I recently underwent your non-strip procedure to fill in another area of my scalp that has started to thin. I didn’t have my head shaved. Grafts were taken from underneath my hair. Transplant site incisions are so small now that I could hardly see them. Your surgical procedure for hair transplantation has become sophisticated to the point where I wouldn’t even call it a surgery. I am confident that I will be pleased with the result. I just need to wait a few months to see the results coming in. You remain a caring and committed physician. I can’t imagine anyone experiencing hair loss even hesitating to see you. Thank you again.

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