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Hair Cycle Products are ideal for those undergoing hair transplant surgery and for the millions of men and women worldwide experiencing hair loss. Hair growth occurs in three phases the anagen phase (active growth phase), the catagen phase (transition phase), and the telogen phase (resting phase).

Hair Cycle is a groundbreaking, all natural line of hair products designed to combat hair loss and promote healing after hair restoration surgery. It can be used safely by both men and women and has no known systemic side effects. Hair Cycle products are formulated by a physician and contain nitric oxide precursors, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, and topical anti-androgens. The Hair Cycle products address the hormonal aspect of balding with potent topical inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase, thereby, reducing the level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on the scalp. DHT is the most commonly implicated androgen in hair loss, so by targeting DHT, Hair Cycle is fighting hair loss.

Two products offered by Hair Cycle showing great success in the post-operative healing process are the Post Biotin Spray and Post Surgical Gel. The Biotin Spray is rich blend of antioxidants, which accelerates wound healing, relieves itching, and soothes the scalp following surgery. It keeps the scabs moist allowing for a quicker recovery while the antioxidant formula protects the scalp from harsh environmental elements. The Biotin Gel was specially formulated to treat the surgical scars in the donor area. The gel provides a rich blend of essential nutrients, growth stimulants, antioxidants and soothing, healing extracts to reduce redness, swelling and soreness, providing increased comfort and tissue healing. Other Hair Cycle products devised specifically for hair loss include Hair Cycle Shampoo, Hair Cycle Conditioner, Hair Volumizing Spray, and Texture Gel.

The Post Biotin Spray should be used after surgery to help with crusting and speed the healing process. It can be applied to grafted areas once per hour to keep them moist. The Post Surgical Gel is also applied after surgery. This product is applied to the donor area to prevent scarring, reduce redness, promote hair growth, and help with wound healing. It can be applied up to four times daily and always after shampooing. Hair Cycle Shampoo should be worked into a lather and allowed to sit for two minutes while the anagen stimulators penetrate the scalp. This shampoo contains DHT inhibitors, which are a crucial factor in fighting hair loss. The next step is the Hair Cycle conditioner. It adds a layer of strength and protection to the hair. Leave on for three minutes and rinse off. The Hair Volumizing Spray and Texture Gel may then be added to hair.

In conclusion, the key benefits of using Hair Cycle include optimal wound healing and increased graft survival rate for post-operative transplant patients as well as a favorable environment for healthy hair growth. Additionally, these products leave hair soft and manageable.

Hair Cycle Products

"I used to get upset looking in the mirror and seeing less hair. Now I am getting excited when I look in the mirror, because there seems to be a little more each time I look. I don't have any wild allusions that it is all going to come back, but I feel I am getting pretty damn good results from a shampoo. That is all I am using besides occasionally using the Hair Cycle conditioner and once a week I use Nizoral.
I wanted to post this for two reasons. First and foremost, I found something that works awesome and wanted to share it. Second, I wanted to see if anyone else had similar results from this shampoo. Why have I not heard about this stuff being awesome before? Do people that use this shampoo typically use Fin and Rogaine as well? I am in shock that I am getting hair regrowth by using a little shampoo each day."


Here are some examples of patients that used HairCycle after surgery:
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Case 2- 1900 grafts
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