synthetic implants

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synthetic implants

by slimcat1969 » Fri Sep 29, 2006 1:54 pm

Hi Newbie here,

Have been reading these posts and have found them to be
amazing and uplifting knowing that the hair transplant industry has moved on so much in recent years.
I have a question that maybe some one can answer;

Synthetic implants have previously failed but isn't it about time that this was looked into again using modern materials which are tolerated in the skin. My understanding is that the 'hair' was directly implanted into the skin and was rejected as a foreign body.
Put simply can we encase the implant at the base in a material
tolerated in the skin ie the synthetic hair would not touch the skin as
it would be encased by say .4mm titanium?
Imagine an arrowhead, the arrow being the hair and the metal arrow head being the part that is implanted into the skin??
I would only see this as a way of filling up the donor area after it has been exhausted.

All replies appreciated and I hope I posted this in the correct place
Thanks Slimcat

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aritificial hair implants

by drcole » Sun Oct 01, 2006 6:55 pm

This is food for thought. Artificial hair implants fail for many reasons. one is the rejection of the foreign material and the second is a smoldering infection. There are a few hypoallergenic materials that are well tolerated when implanted. one is titanium. another is stainless steel and another is gold. i suspect a number of other materials would work well. one problem is see is making this item. another is the risk of infection and another is getting FDA approval in the USA. in the USA anything implanted over 28 days is an implanted device and needs FDA approval.

you would still have an open communication between the skin and the underlying tissue. This opening would be a conduit for bacterial invasion and could lead to an ultimate infection. Hair implants also often break off leaving the part below the skin in place. This would require additional hair later on. I know one physician in Australia who typically adds 1000 additional hairs each year for those that "break off". i have seen one of his long time patients and his scalp looks "angry" and unhealthy. I would say that hair breakage and risk of infection would be the two greatest problems.

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