Tk's Testimonial (FIT) and poster on

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Tk's Testimonial (FIT) and poster on

by forhair » Tue May 04, 2004 2:35 pm

I really think I'm starting to see some great results. I can't believe I had only 1200 FIT up front and 4-500 in the crown. If I could have gotten the 3000($), WOW. My hair dresser says she has hair to clamp where there was no hair. My wife loves it. I really notice it in the front when I work out and its wet. All my experience with Dr Cole was very positive. He really seamed to care from my first phone call. It was really non intrusive, and fast-healing.
Thanks for this website and all the regulars that share their information.
I know its shallow but I'm starting to feel better, really didn't expect more hair to lift my confidence. (corny, did I write that)I hope it continues to fill in. I hope to get more in the future maybe a few years.

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