In Grown Hair or just bumps?

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In Grown Hair or just bumps?

by forhair » Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:41 am

I thought it's worth posting this, many patients ask this question during their hair transplant post-operative time.

Patient Question:
Everything is going fine but I have a pimple (bump) on my frontline from a couple of months (there is a hair on top). I had other similar pimples but they were all gone within few days. Is there any medication or procedure that I can try to remove it?

People commonly mistake these ‘bumps’ for ingrown hairs, however, they are actually retained hair fragments. They typically fall out on their own following surgery but will occasionally get stuck as new hairs try to grow through. Although there is no medication to eliminate these bumps, there is a simple treatment: with a clean pair of tweezers, simply remove any non-growing hair fragments. These hair fragments should slide right out. You can also try scrubbing your scalp with soap and a wash cloth to try and dislodge any non-growing hair fragments. These retained hair fragments are no cause for concern and actually indicate that new hairs are trying to grow.

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