I had great growth the first session, why don't i see as muc

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I had great growth the first session, why don't i see as muc

by drcole » Tue May 04, 2004 2:57 pm

i am often asked, why don't i see as much growth the second or third session as i did the first session. this question generallly pops up between the third to 6th month after the second or third session. It does not resolve until the day a person suddenly says, "wow, i have alot more hair than i used to". this revelation seems to happen almost over night.

you will have about 50% at 5 months in terms of growth with any session, but you should not "see" anything for 8 to 12 months the second or third session. it takes that long for the hair to grow to a stylable length. this is a common question and concern. i always explain it this way. if you plant corn in a bare field, you will see it right away. if you plant corn in a corn field, you will not see it at all. the new corn stalks will be very small at first and completely concealed by their larger neighbors. one day you will drive by and the new corn will have grown to a length that you can see. You don't see the each new stalk, but you see a much fuller corn field. You will say "boy that field sure looks like it has more corn in it". the same happens with second and especially third hair transplant. the hair grafts cannot be seen as they grow up in the field of hair. one day, you wll look in the mirror and say, boy that' s alot more hair.

The other thing to keep in mind is that if you start with a bare scalp, the head will look 100 hairs better if you put 100 new hairs on the scalp. If you add 100 new hairs the next year, your head will have 200 hairs, but look only 50% better. If you add 100 more hairs the following year you will now have 300 hairs, but you will appear only 30% better. So each session you will get better, but not as much as the time before.
sorry but that's how it works.


by Anonymous » Sat May 29, 2004 1:19 am

Argh. The law of diminishing returns Icon Evil

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