FUE graft loss

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FUE graft loss

by bazza_biff » Wed Nov 09, 2005 11:41 am

Hi, I had my FUE done about 4.5 months ago on the front of my hairline. I havent noticed a great improvement yet, but am aware it takes time. All the sites have healed and all the scabs have fallen off long ago.

Yesterday i was combing my hair and went to sleep afterwards. I woke this morning with a small scab in the area where i had the transplant. Without realising i combed my hair and the scab came off. When i looked at the scab i noticed that There was a white piece of material attached to the scab. I can only describe its appearance as a small bulb. It was hard, cylindrical at one end, and tapered at the top ending in a little point. There was no hair with it.

Im really worried that i have lost a graft. Is this likely after such a long period after the surgery?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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by forhair » Wed Nov 09, 2005 12:04 pm

You are totally safe and secure from any graft lost after 4.5 months. It might be just a scab...maybe from a pimple and not necessary a healed graft.
Don't worry and good luck, looking forward to hear your progress after 6 months and 1 year:)

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by Anonymous » Wed Nov 09, 2005 5:18 pm

Nope, not a graft. Probably just a retained hair fragment or part of the original graft tissue. The follicular cells, those which remain intact beneath the skin after the dead shafts are shed, are what creates the new hairs. They are well established and intact within a few days after transplantation.


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Lost hair transplant hair?

by drcole » Thu Nov 10, 2005 10:35 pm

All hair cycle. Typical cycling is anagen, catogen, and telogen. Hairs that cycle normally are lost through a process called telogen effluvium. These are the long hairs you see on you pillow, your hair brush, or the drain of your shower. Hairs lost following a hair transplant go through a process called anagen effluvium. Following hair transplantation, hairs continue to grow for about 10 days to 2 weeks typcially. Following this period they will often begin to fall over like a dead tree that is bending in the wind and other forces of nature. These retained fragments are dead hairs. They no longer grow. They may not fall over and lossen in some cases. About the 3rd to 4th month these hairs that do no fall out will generate an inflamatory response that resembles a pimple. They can also develop a solid core of dead skin around them that resembles a black head or comedome. This is most likely what happend to you. The normal skin of the recipient are began to wall off a dead, no longer growing hair fragment. You pulled the entire structure off and noted a hair shaft that resembles a tiny plucked hair. The cells that make a new hair, however remain within the recipient area and are ripenning into cells that will most likely soon begin to make a new anagen hair. It is healthy to remove all the dead non-growing hair fragments. This is a normal process to cleanse the scalp and get it ready for you new hair. Agressive cleansing of the scalp is advised to remove these dead hair fragments.

Currently, we are seeing a tremendous number of hairs staying on the scalp with our post surgical all natural Biotin spray. it will be interesting to see if the anagen ratio increases with this product. if it does, it will mark a major improvment in the post-operative period. As it is, the biotin is making the recipeint area heal much faster. Be patient, you new hair is on the way soon. you will often see new hair in a a totally bald area beginning the 3rd month. you do not see new hair in an area that has pre-existing hair. New hair matures and gives coverage about the 6th to 8th month. when grafting into pre-existing hair, i tell patients to not expect to see an improvement for 8 to 12 months. In the latter case, one day you wake up and your hair seems fuller. Icon Biggrin

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