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2 months post- op, and still lots of redness

Sun Mar 19, 2006 11:41 pm

It has been 2 months since my surgery and my head is still very red in the recipient area, which is the frontal area, and is very noticeable. Wondering if there is anything I can do to speed up the process to get rid of the redness. I am fair skinned so that makes it worse for me too. Any cover up tips or products that I can use that won't hurt the transplants. At this point there are alot of hairs starting to grow, but still a lot of completely bare areas too, is this normal. Please let me know any help will be appreciated greatly

Sun Mar 19, 2006 11:51 pm

Who was your doctor? was it Strip or FIT/FUE?
did you use any post-op products?
How long after surgery did you start washing your hair and rubbing the area?

Mon Mar 20, 2006 8:54 am

Aspirin is an anti inflammitory, it is known for its ability to reduce skin redness. You might want to try Aspirin and see if it helps

Tue Mar 21, 2006 1:20 am

Dr. Cole did my FIT Transplant, I started washing my hair exactly as instructed in post op instructions I followed all instructions precisely. Scabs fell off around 10-12 days post op. I used the biotin spray religiously, wish I would have got more bottles. I did not purchase any shampoo or gels though. I will try aspirin hopefully that will help the redness. How much growth should I see at the 2 month point, there is some growth, but still a lot of bare areas still hopefully those will start filling in too. I know that it takes a full 12 months to see total results, but wondering what the norm is at the 2 month mark.

Tue Mar 21, 2006 1:31 am

The fact that you see growth at 2 months is more then encouraging...you will see more in 6 months post op...
You probably have a very very fair skin...in your case the redness can take up to 3 months , but it will be over...don't worry.
I wonder if you used the Biotin spray in the donor area or the receipting area...? do you remember?
If you live close to Atlanta feel free to jump by the office for a check up, if you live in other location, call the office to check if Dr. Cole or one of the doctors will be close to your location for consultations.
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Thu Mar 23, 2006 1:50 am

I have studied many hair transplant recoveries, and week 19 seems to be the "magic week" where a major improvement in the transplanted hair follicles happens.

Please not that everybody is different and that results vary from patients to patient

Thu Mar 23, 2006 5:30 pm

I hope you are using a mild shampoo such as baby shampoo.Stop any medicated shampoo that could irritate your scalp.I don't see any problem to use aspirin .I will also recommend prednisone cream 2% to apply each nigth for 2 weeks to 1 month .