After effects of strip (FUT) hair transplant method

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After effects of strip (FUT) hair transplant method

by CITness » Fri May 02, 2008 3:38 pm

Here is another example of how strip (FUT) can have a negative impact on a donor area. The patient had 4 strip procedures performed at a well known clinic over a ten year period. After strip (FUT) method is performed, the patient can heal poorly even if the procedure was performed by a good physician. The photo below shows scars on the donor from strip (FUT) harvesting and a more recent tricophytic closure. Strip physicians promote tricophytic closure as the sure fire way to make a strip scar invisible. Not only is the strip scar highly visible, the hair growth angles are distorted for the remainder of this patient's life. You can clearly see that the scar actually shows surrounding hairs growing in an upward direction and downward direction. This patient is no longer a candidate for strip and is now a candidate for CIT. With CIT, we may harvest the resources from the entire donor area without destroying the typical percentage of surrounding follicles. Fewer transplanted grafts will be necessary to achieve a more natural looking result and the patient will have the option to wear a much shorter hair style. Now the patient wishes that he'd never had the strip procedure ever done as the benefits of CIT far exceed the adverse effects of the strip procedure to the donor area.
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