Update/FIT Results/6 Months/HairCycle/Dr. Cole

A gallery showing picture results and progress of the Cole Isolation Technique (CIT) surgery, Including patient's results with pre-op and post-up comparison photos.
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Update/FIT Results/6 Months/HairCycle/Dr. Cole

by forhair » Tue May 09, 2006 2:57 pm

This is the 2nd update 2 months after we revealed his 4 months results: 4 months results.
The Patient is using the haircycle shampoo from day 1 and continue to use it as we speak, he has extremely high growth rates and overall it looks like a homerun for him.
Still, we expect to see more growth during the next 6 months and we hope that he will continue to update with photos towards the 1 year post surgery mark.

4 months post up

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6 months post up

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by Watchman » Mon May 22, 2006 11:56 pm

Thanks for posting my pictures forhair. It looks pretty good so far huh? Thanks again.

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by body2hair » Tue May 23, 2006 10:17 am

Fantastic results!
Watchman, It looks like you had more growth at 6 months...
I have some questions:
1. Did you had any kind of redness or scabs post surgery and for how long?
2. What are the reactions from close friends (girlfriend, family, work)? obviously you look different and fuller!...LOL Icon Lol
3. what was the roll of haircycle in the healing process and the fast growth?
Are you still using it as we speak?
Thanks and sorry for the bad english...(it's not my mother language)

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by Watchman » Thu May 25, 2006 9:04 pm


Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate it. Basically, because I used the haircycle biotin spray as directed, I only had the scabs for about a couple of weeks or so and the redness stayed for a couple of months but dramatically diminished throughout that time. In regards to how people look at me today, people can't really tell that I've had the surgery done because I use to have a really good combover, almost perfected to say the least. The only problem was that is looked really bad and one blow from the wind would mess it up. So bascially, my hairstyle wasn't too great back then but I did manage to comb it in such a way to hide my hairloss. Now it just feels great not to do anything with it and it just looks great the way it is. The haircycle products worked great in every possible way, from healing the donor area to expediting the healing process in the recepient area, which is very important to obtain healthy follicles. Actually, you don't need to use the biotin spray or the gel after the hair begins to grow out but I do recommend the shampoo and the conditioner always. Thanks for the message.

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