Strip Scar Repair+BHT+PRP Results

A gallery showing picture results and progress of the Cole Isolation Technique (CIT) surgery, Including patient's results with pre-op and post-up comparison photos.
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Strip Scar Repair+BHT+PRP Results

by forhair » Mon May 31, 2010 7:51 pm

This patient is a class V, possible VI. Several years ago, he underwent two strip procedures, totaling 2,500 grafts, at a well-known chain clinic. He now wants to wear his hair short, but does not want to expose the linear strip scar. He came to us in October of 2009 to have CIT grafting into his strip scar. Also wishing to achieve greater density in the crown, though facing a depleted traditional scalp donor supply, he elected to try a small procedure using body hair from his chest to fill in the vertex.

In addition to grafting 400 FUs into the strip scar, Dr. Cole placed 64 body hair grafts in the patient's vertex. The patient also received PRP treatment in the recipient areas, as well as the extraction sites on his scalp and chest. These pictures show the patient's results approximately
6.5 months after his procedure. The first two photos show impressive growth with the body hair transplanted to his crown. Photos 4-6 are close-ups of the strip scar. Hypopigmentation is still present in the center of the scar but you can see color returning through the visible capillaries. Pictures 9 and 10 show the patient's chest extraction sites. Note the absence of hypopigmentation, despite the removal of 51 follicular units.

We're very impressed with this patient's results so far. We think there may be a link between the lack of hypopigmentation in the extraction sites, the impressive body hair growth, and the use of PRP in both the donor and recipient sites. Of course, we cannot conclusively link PRP to this patient's exciting results without further, side-by-side, studies.
Scar comparison
scar-comparison2.jpg (42.29 KiB) Viewed 4508 times
BHT growth on the crown 1
zoom1.jpg (23.37 KiB) Viewed 4508 times
BHT growth on the crown 2
zoom2.jpg (22.67 KiB) Viewed 4508 times

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