Scar grafting with FIT+BHT on the crown results/Dr. Cole

A gallery showing picture results and progress of the Cole Isolation Technique (CIT) surgery, Including patient's results with pre-op and post-up comparison photos.
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Scar grafting with FIT+BHT on the crown results/Dr. Cole

by forhair » Thu Mar 16, 2006 10:01 am

This results are 11.5 months post-op surgery. The patient had 4 previous strips and 3 scar revision with other doctors.
His hairline was un-natural and had pitting and ridging all over it.
He also had a 3-6 mm wide scar as you can see in the before photos.
The goal was to treat the scar and increase the crown density.
The patient scheduled for 2 days:
In day one 574g FIT were placed into the scars.
In day two 526g BHT from his chest were placed on the crown.
We added another day of 100g BHT in to the crown and some hairline repair work with 40 plugs removal and then we redistribute them in to the hairline as single hairs.
The patient had a total of 1200 grafts.

You can see how nice the scar has been camouflaged and the crown looks fuller.
It is important to recognize that his hair is much shorter in these photographs.

Since this is a repair case, we are going to treat him with steps,
The patient will come for more work this year.
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by Stripes » Fri Jun 16, 2006 5:39 pm

I just wanted to say thanks again to Dr. Cole and his proficient team for the above work. If I'd known of you 10 years ago when this nightmare began I don't believe I'd still be hiding under a ball cap today.

I'm going to be scheduling another procedure in the next month or so but I have a couple of concerns. The last procedure was done over 14 months ago and I still see no growth from the middle of the scars - above and below the old incisions yes, but no growth whatsoever from the incision lines. Is this a common problem with repair procedures? My hope was to have the "stripes" filled in so I could shave my entire head down to a #1 or #2 guard to enhance the little I have on top and NOT see the scarring. I'm wondering if that plan should be abandoned and for the next procedure, focus on bulking up the top and leave the hair on the sides and in back longer to hide the scarring.

Thanks again! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

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by FITLocks » Tue Jun 20, 2006 7:51 pm

Sometimes scars will not yield as well as virgin scalp or other scars. Let your coordinator and Dr. Cole know about your concerns and they will come up with a good plan for a future session.

Notice: I am not a doctor. My opinions are not necessarily those of Dr Cole. My advice is not medical advice.

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