Recent Body hair or Combination results

A gallery showing picture results and progress of the Cole Isolation Technique (CIT) surgery, Including patient's results with pre-op and post-up comparison photos.
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Recent Body hair or Combination results

by forhair » Thu Mar 29, 2007 10:16 am

Case 1

here is the result of three passes. The top left photos is a crown and top after 10 strip procedures, 6 scalp reductions including one Frechet extender. You see only a handful of scalp hair grafts in the top left hand crown photo. After his donor area was almost completely exhausted from multiple procedures he turned to the only remaining alternative- body hair.

All the grafts in the crown subsequent to the top left hand photograph are from body hair. The three BHT procedures span from 2003 to 2006.

It is very important to recognize that scalp reductions distort the natural angle of hair growth in a crown. Crown hair grows in a spiral fashion. It therefore, requires far more grafts in a crown to achieve the illusion of coverage. In the front all hairs tend to grow toward the midline. The crown is covered only with hairs growing in directions that will allow 360 degrees of coverage. In other words, the direction of hair growth is constantly changing.
As you can see from the 2nd photo, we also reconstruct the hairline and the temple points above the ears with BHT, the hairline become very dense, natural and soft.

2601 Zps8a53ea45

Hairline After Zps551c473e

Red Body Hair Zpsb9b1b648

Case 2

This is a class 6 to 7 after a single pass. I suspect he will require 2 more passes. Transplanting this individual with head hair alone would potentially be a disaster. Obviously we have a very long way to go as he appears quite thin. He has 271 square centimeters of hair loss and I suspect he will most likely will require between 21500 grafts and 27000 grafts to achieve a level of fullness. Of course the other ingredient will be time.

4 001 Zpsf1e522ea

Ny Donor Zpsbf8b64d9

Case 3

This patient began transplanting body hairs mostly from the chest and back to his crown in 2003. The first procedure was about 4800 body hair grafts. He had a few touch up surgeries for his crown after that. The total number of body hairs transplanted to his crown was over 5,000 grafts. Here are his results, 15 months after the first session.

5000bhtcrownresults Zps83f44d32

6 Zpsf976fe78

MB3 Zpsa3d7be73

Check more photos of this result: BODY HAIR -THE NEW HAIR TRANSPLANT FRONTIER

Case 4
This patient had 3139 body hair grafts transplanted to the frontal hair line from the chest and thighs with Dr. Cole. His 12 month results and details with pictures of donor extraction sites are here: ... 00-bht-942

As you can see from the pictures, the transplanted body hairs continue to grow and thicken after 12 months. Compare the 12 month photo to the 20 month photo below. This is why Dr. Cole advises that it may take a full 2 years to see body hair results. In some cases, it takes longer. It looks great though!

20 Months Zps1f1a91ee

Check more photos of this results here:

Case 5
This results are 11.5 months post-op surgery. The patient had 4 previous strips and 3 scar revision with other doctors.
His hairline was un-natural and had pitting and ridging all over it.
He also had a 3-6 mm wide scar as you can see in the before photos.
The goal was to treat the scar and increase the crown density.
The patient scheduled for 2 days:
In day one 574g CIT were placed into the scars.
In day two 526g BHT from his chest were placed on the crown.
We added another day of 100g BHT in to the crown and some hairline repair work with 40 plugs removal and then we redistribute them in to the hairline as single hairs.
The patient had a total of 1200 grafts.

You can see how nice the scar has been camouflaged and the crown looks fuller.
It is important to recognize that his hair is much shorter in these photographs.

Since this is a repair case, we are going to treat him with steps,
The patient will come for more work this year.

Gag Zpsc1945d3c

Gag  1  Zps49c5de58

Case 6
Below are the pictures of a patient who visited Dr. Cole and the IHTI team 13 months ago for an CIT procedure of 3000 scalp grafts and 700 body hair grafts. This individual had advanced hair loss with a bald surface area of over 200 cm2. The goal of the initial surgery was to 1) create coverage in the frontal and the midscalp areas and 2) reduce the size of the bald crown. Most physicians will heavily treat the frontal area without attempting to cut down the size of the crown. Such an approach does not honor the natural progression of hair loss. Dr. Cole on the other hand has a more aesthetic ethos for hair restoration and therefore it was imperative to reduce the size of the crown in addition to treating the front and top. The majority of the scalp grafts were placed over an area of 120 cm2. The BHT graft were placed into an area of 50cm2. After more than a year of growth the results are impressive and give a natural thinning appearance to this former Norwood Class 6. This past week the patient returned to IHTI for an additional 5000 grafts of scalp and body hair. A significant number of the body hair grafts were CIT Farmed into fresh scalp hair extraction sites to replenish the donor area.

^^^ had the opportunity to do a hair count study for this case. 13 months ago 165 BHT/BCIT grafts were placed into the an isolated part of the patient's crown. Quite interestingly, noted 157 1-hair grafts and 8 2-hair grafts in this area. This correlates to a 100% yield. While this is only a small sample study we are very excited about these recent developments.

The Italian Patient-1 year results from CIT/Body hair:

VA Comp201 Zpsbf1f8bbd

Case 7
This are the results of 6102 graft CIT mega session case. This surgery was performed with 5135 grafts extracted from the scalp and 967 grafts extracted from the body. A large number of follicular units were required to properly treat this individual's Class 6 hair loss pattern. In this case the follicular density of the donor area was slightly better than average (80-90 fu/cm2) which enabled a 5000+ scalp CIT harvest in a single pass. The remaining grafts were harvested from the legs and chest and placed in the perimeter of the crown.
The results are very impressing and the patient is very satisfied.

S6 Zpsd0bbe21b

More photos of this case can be seen here:
FIT Megga-session results/5135 FIT+967BHT

Case 7
This patient visited us four months ago for 3800 BHT grafts into his crown area. The attached photos indicate his growth to date. BHT was the only route the patient could take to cover his crown as his scalp donor resourses were tapped from previous strips and reductions. We are happy to see some early results!!

4 Zps7e73910a

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