FIT hair transplant surgery 5 month post-op

A gallery showing picture results and progress of the Cole Isolation Technique (CIT) surgery, Including patient's results with pre-op and post-up comparison photos.
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FIT hair transplant surgery 5 month post-op

by forhair » Fri May 21, 2004 4:48 pm

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This is a patient 5 months after his initial surgery with FIT in our Atlanta office. Many of the grafts were not shed. Many new hairs are just beginning to sprout out of the scalp. In another 3 months he will be even more coverage. At the 8 month mark he can begin to consider another procedure to improve his coverage even further.

One of the enclosed photos shows a new hair begining to sprout out of the recipient area.
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Before 5 month
After close-up
Micro shot

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