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1500 FIT / Class 4 patient / Dr. Cole

View surgeries progress and documented details followed with photos and information.
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1500 FIT / Class 4 patient / Dr. Cole

by FITLocks » Fri Jan 12, 2007 1:12 pm

The patient in the photo is a Norwood class 4 pushing into a class 5. He was looking into hair restoration surgery in order to reestablish his frontal zone and “beef up” his crown area.

The frontal third was denuded of hair so a surgical solution was needed in this area. Given his excellent hair characteristics and conservative desires for hairline placement, Dr. Cole recommended 1500-2000 FIT grafts.

The crown area, while balding, still had some hair. This fact, in combination with the fact the patient was not taking medical therapy for hair loss, led Dr. Cole to recommend Propecia, Minoxidil, and Hair Cycle Shampoo for the crown area. The synergistic effect of taking these treatments together will sometimes coax miniaturizing hair to grow a bit thicker. At the very least we hope to see some stabilization of his pattern

It is not often that you can treat advanced cases of hair loss with only1500 grafts, but for this individual, we did just that. Two crucial aspects played a part in this. Firstly, the patient was happy to go forward with a mature hairline. The design suited his face quite nicely. Moderate and conservative hairline positioning can be advantageous since we know that the more you drop the front line, the greater the requirement is for grafts – exponentially! This is due to the increase in grafted surface area and the optical effect of placing hairs on the vertical (and most visible) plain of the scalp. Secondly, his hair characteristics are better than average. He has some slight wave to his hair and the shaft diameters are good. Even better, a hair-color-to-skin-color contrast is almost non-existent in this fair-skinned strawberry blond. These features are ideal for creating the appearance of coverage in hair restoration.

We are confident that this intervention will give our patient new frontal coverage as well as reframe his face. Similarly, we hope that the medication and topical treatments will rejuvenate the crown area over time. Should the patient find that his desires for crown coverage are greater down the line, he certainly has the donor quality and quantity for additional work.
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