Question on graft survival...

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Question on graft survival...

by ljpviper » Sat May 29, 2010 10:13 am

I had a plug reduction with Dr Cole a couple of years back, he was able to scale back the majority of the plugs. What concerns me is out of the 100--120 hairs retributed, only like 20 grew.

I would like to have another prodecure to reduce the last few plugs and add some new hairs via CIT to the front. My question is why did only 20 hairs survive, is it because they were transplanted twice, or scar tissue under the scalp or blood flow.

I am looking maybe to add 500-600 hairs in the hairline where previous work was done, just concerned that even new hairs will not regrow once shed.

All in all the plug reduction def. helped

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Re: Question on graft survival...

by Emilie » Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:34 am

Although it' s difficult to say exactly why, sometimes redistributed hairs do not survive. This is something Dr. Cole tries to advise all patients of, and one of the considerations patients must make prior to deciding to proceed with repair work. If you primary goal is to achieve a more natural appearance, you should remove the plugs first. If your goal is to achieve a more natural and fuller look, you should have additional hair transplanted first and then selectively reduce/redistribute the unnatural plugs.

It's unlikely that you would have a problem with yield when transplanting 'virgin' hair into the frontal hairline. Feel free to call or email our office if you would like to speak with a patient coordinator or advocate directly to discuss your concerns or schedule a follow-up.

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