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by mcs2010 » Fri Oct 01, 2010 12:56 am

I'm a year post-op on my 2nd HT procedure, 6300 grafts total including my 1st round.

While my results are dramatic and I am quite pleased for the most part, the crown area is still somewhat sparse, and upon my recent 1-year follow-up, I am told there is the issue of some donor hairs that have, according to my doc, become thinner in diameter or possibly even miniaturized due to genetic programming that came with those grafts (in other words, at the time the grafts were transplanted, they were of even diameter and size, but some may have weakened and shrunk according to him). He took some extreme closeups and showed me the photos on a computer.

I had always believed from my research, that miniaturization is halted or cannot occur in transplanted hairs. Is this not true, and what do you recommend to protect my investment other than finasteride and/or minoxidil?

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