04 Nov

Dr. Otavio Boaventura visits Cole Hair Transplant Group

Cole Hair Transplant Group had the pleasure to host Dr. Otavio Boaventura who completed observational training using Cole Instruments PCID at our Atlanta office.

Dr. Boaventura is a general surgeon and plastic surgeon certified by the Ministry of Education, Brazilian Medical Association Regional Council of Medicine of Minas Gerais and the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. Currently he serves as a member of Mother Teresa Hospital’s team of plastic surgeons in Belo Horizonte.

Boaventura has specific research that focuses in reconstructive surgery of the face and scalp. Following Dr. Cole’s presentation in Malaysia, Boaventura chose to visit our offices to train on the PCID before purchasing the device to take home. While visiting the office Boaventura had extensive observational training learning about the depth control hand piece unique to Cole Instruments.

We gladly welcome visiting medical doctors to our offices for training and certification on our devices. Please contact us for more information.

Dr Otavio Boaventura

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