29 Nov

Dr. Cole will be speaking at the 2012 Italian Society for Hair Restoration

ISHR MeetingDr. Cole is planning to the 2012 Italian Society of Hair Restoration surgery meeting.
This meeting, in its XIV year now, will be held in Rome from 24th to 27th May 2012 and as usual it will attract the major members of hair restoration societies and the specialists interested in the subjects that will be discussed.

Dr. Cole will present his latest advances in storage mediums for hair transplant grafts. Dr. Cole will present his new liposomal ATP solution that he soaks his grafts in and also his liposomal ATP mister that is used to nourish the grafts with ATP following surgery. With the liposomal ATP, Dr. Cole's grafts never go hungry. Dr. Cole will also present his findings using a crossectional trichometery reading called hair check that allows Dr. Cole to better screen his patients for surgery, as well as spot early areas of hair loss before they become evident to the patient or the physician.

The ISHR meeting has become a well-established event and has been creating many expectations among among colleagues because it represents, on a National and International level, a very important occasion in Hair Restoration.

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