23 May

Presentation by Dr. Cole at the Taiwan Dermatology Aesthetic Conference

Taiwan Award

Dr. Cole has returned from the 1st. Taiwan Dermatology Aesthetic Conference which was held in Taiwan. Physicians attended this event from all over the world and the conference focus was on aesthetic surgery. Within the hair restoration category, Dr. Jerry Shapiro gave an interesting presentation related to data on finasteride. He basically confirmed that men who use this drug slow down their hair loss while very few actually grew any new hair. There are only a small number of men who actually see any improvement at all while using finasteride. Dr. Shapiro went over some other treatments on the market including Rogaine with nothing new to report there. Dr. Shapiro reported on nutritional supplements and their impact upon hair growth. This is an area of controversy because there is no medical or scientific evidence supporting improved hair growth by taking any combination of extra nutritional supplements. This is particularly true when the cause of hair loss is inherited MPB.
Before Dr. Cole gave his presentation, Dr. Bishara presented statistics on his miss rate with the Artas Robot which is one out of every six grafts. This is a completely unacceptable miss rate in Dr. Cole’s opinion. The level of technology required for an acceptable AI robotic hair transplant device as of 2013, is simply not yet attainable.
Dr. Cole’s presentation dealt with FUE (follicular unit extraction). The title of his presentation was “Mega Session FUE”. During his presentation Dr. Cole demonstrated his proprietary surgical tools as well as technician teamwork procedures designed for maximum efficiency during hair restoration surgery.



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