21 Nov

Dr. Chiara Insalaco Presented at the 2016 SiTri Conference in Turin, Italy

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The Italian society of trichology organizes an academic conference dedicated to include all those involved in hair restoration twice a year. Physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, technicians, undergraduate students and hairdressers alike gather to learn about the innovations that are emerging in the hair loss industry. The conference lasted from November 19th through November 21st. On Novemer 20th, Dr. Insalaco presented a talk on Sonicated PRP. Her presentation was titled "PRP in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. A comparison between two methods of activation: Calcium Gluconate vs. sonication ". The conference will also provide a thorough knowledge of the tools and methods available that can be used in transplant procedures performed with FUE. The course would be useful for both beginners and the experienced surgeon looking to acquire a collection of updated basic skills to perform the FUE technique.

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