27 Jul

Cole Instruments is Coming to FUEPalooza 2012!


Cole Instruments is pleased to announce our exhibition at the 2012 FUEPalooza in Denver. Representatives for Cole Instruments will be demonstrating the product line and tools exclusive to Cole Instruments at our exhibit.  These include the Counting Incision Device, Cole Instrument Surgical Punches, and the Programmable Cole Isolation Device (PCID).

The Programmable Cole Isolation Device is a new mechanical extractor developed by Dr. Cole. Not only is the PCID the safest and fastest mechanical extractor on the market, the minimally invasive device allows for precise follicular unit extraction and best of all – No scalpel, No sutures, and NO LINEAR SCAR!

Dr. Cole is currently booking on site demonstrations of the device and taking pre-orders on first production.
For more information please call us at (678) 566-1101 or toll free at 1-866-603-5345.

Cole Instrument tools are developed to help provide the most optimal hair restoration surgery results possible. Our innovative instruments are designed to improve the quality of FUE procedures while simultaneously reducing physician time and making FUE more profitable.

To learn more about us please call or visit our website at Cole Instruments.

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Cole Hair Transplant is located in Atlanta at 1045 Powers Place, Alpharetta, GA, United States and provides hair restoration to patients worldwide. We offer high quality FUE Hair Transplants and hair loss solutions

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