09 Apr

Cole Hair Transplant Presented & Honored at 4th AAHRS workshop in Bangkok

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The 4th AAHRS Annual Scientific Meeting and Live Surgical Workshop was held in Bangkok, Thailand this year. The conference of the 5 J’s was quite a success. Doctors from around the world gathered to learn from these leading hair restoration physicians. Dr. John P. Cole and the 4 other faculty members met to perform live surgeries, present new research in hair loss, and discuss pertinent hair restoration topics. Dr. Cole demonstrated a live CIT shaven procedure from the scalp to the beard. Dr. Chiara Insalaco assisted in this procedure. Dr. Rani Palakurth assisted Cr. Cole with graft placement. During his surgery demonstration, Dr. Cole used Cole Instruments, including the PCID motorized FUE extraction device, and gave step-by-step instructions on how to perform CIT FUE. He also demonstrated how to assess a donor area properly. At the conclusion of the workshop, Dr. Cole was presented an award to honor his service as a faculty member at the Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons in Bangkok 2015. A number of attendees stated that they had tried the ARTAS robotic system, which is manufactured by Restoration Robotics, for graft removal, but they were disappointed with many aspects of this system including a high follicle transection rate, a slow speed of graft removal, a high percentage of missing grafts, and an inability to harvest in specific regions of the donor area (lower area and lateral area). Attendees were impressed with Dr. Cole and his instruments, particularly his motorized FUE extraction tool, as they had a low follicle transection rate, high speed of removal, no missing grafts, and ability to harvest from all regions of the donor area flawlessly. Dr. Cole also presented his new punch that minimizes resistance and thus minimizes follicle transection. He also demonstrated a new prototype graft placement device he manufactured through Cole Instruments, Inc.

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