CIT Hair Transplant In Asia (Korea and China)

Recently, Dr. John Cole met with surgeons in China. The meeting was scheduled in preparation of establishing a hair transplant center that offers economical CIT® hair transplant method.  The center will be headed by a team of hair transplant surgeons led and trained by Dr. Cole. At this time, several of the doctors have completed 6 months of on-the-job, one-on-one training.

Dr. Cole has already setup a clinic that offers CIT® (Cole Isolation Technique) in Korea.  The purpose of offering CIT® in Asia is to educate other hair transplant doctors to produce excellent results with the minimally invasive procedure.  Our operation in Korea is a part of our efforts to provide quality hair transplant surgery to all individuals in Asia. The most recent technology in CIT® hair transplant surgery is created at the main office located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Cole Hair Transplant Group offices all have the same common goal of satisfying each patient and making their visit a wonderful experience.

For additional information on low-cost CIT® in Korea & China, contact us at consults@forhair.com or visit www.forhair.com.  The Cole Hair Transplant Group offers free in-person consultations with Dr. Cole. The Cole Hair Transplant Group offers 18+ years of hair transplant experience and provides high-quality hair transplant procedures. It also specializes in the non-strip scar method of hair transplant and reconstructive hair transplants.


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My name is Ronen Eliyahu and I am active as a poster on the various discussion boards as “forhair”. I first heard about FUE in 2002 and my research led to Dr. Cole who was one of the first to experience and develop this scarless technique. I had two FUE hair transplant procedures with Dr. John Cole, MD in Atlanta, GA USA and the results were great and above my expectations. I eventually became the online representative for this clinic.

I have posted my results in many forums and other hair transplantation resources and been active helping patients and answering questions and answers.
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“Before coming to Dr. Cole’s clinic, I went to one of those big chain hair transplant companies. I’ll just say; I was not impressed. I felt as if I was treated like a numb
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Cole Hair Transplant is located in Atlanta at 1045 Powers Place, Alpharetta, GA, United States and provides hair restoration to patients worldwide. We offer high quality FUE Hair Transplants and hair loss solutions

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